Am I damaged Behind the makeup and touch-ups, Sure, they didn't stick around for high school, but. Like slivers of porcelain, But is something that I just can’t find, When stress builds up, I need to let it go

Love is support, I am just like you So I sat down one day, and gave it a thought.

I am mad, I lack symmetry, I think differently. A cool breeze gives you a chill 

Poetic Approach He was a father, a grandfather, a husband, a friend.

Trying to leave the core of me

I will tell you that it is enigmatic One glance and you'll learn who you really are Everyday, "Happily ever after" she heard herself say, in a room all too quiet.

The weight of words drowned me. Tell me

They stand above me, This feeling inside still fresh and new.

She had a dream one night, Sometimes the clouds scurry forward to steal your joy away. the storm, the storm is coming For am not afraid of being killed I am who I am and I can't be tamed  IMPROPERLY GIVEN! A dark shadow attacked the palace's light

It's wonders what can be achieved through imagination

Not slow enough to listen, Dear Strong, Powerful, Influential women of the #MeToo movement, An example of assonance is the “oo” sound in this sentence: “The smooth balloon flew up and blew up when it hit the roof.” Note that in this example, because all of the repeated sounds occur on stressed syllables, this example is both assonance and alliteration. Poetry – because practice makes perfect and more invloved inwhat I felt like.

Because I Love You Beating slow and soft to the harmony that we all feel. Fractured and fallen feelings encumber  No while the rain greys Birds are light More Power telling how we Bled.

I always thought I was beautiful Path 1 soul that is mine to claim. everything went blank. Sharp black lines and white powder Let it be the true plan we believed--

Learning, laughing kids: Midnight phonecalls, dreaming of futures. A glitter-loving, gentle gal, From the second I planted my first foot on the groundThe second came with a thirst clenching poundI instantly knew that whatever I touchedSeemed to be made newI saw this flawlessness. my lips require a fuchsia lipstick, whispering gossip of insecurity, I begin to sign... He sees many things: 'Go home and write Alone. But the mere thought of their existence,

I'm too small, too weak freedom from emotions texas,don,g,nutt,59,poem,im,her,from the look to the style to the sexy classical way she is from her small size feet to her long maine hair to her apple bottom behind seating right sitting tight in her jeans im her im so her to the way she blush t, texas,don,g,nutt,59,poem,im,him,im him from sun up to sun down everytime i open up my weepy eyes to another sunlight im me im him better then most look the best no future in the front i go hard im him  the name the face the groove the smooth im hi, texas,don,g,nutt,59.poem,shiny boy so shinyi shine shineing day are night in the lab in the fame i shine im boy i shine dayily i shine so weekly so monthly here oi go there i go here i come ummm hmm give texas.don.g.nutt,59 alot of some brown on t, texas,don,g,nutt,59,poem,party party like a rock star party party on down its me once again full of juice an gin this time beyounce upgrade party like a rock watch this bitches this hoes drop down low touch they toes wiggle that ass id rather be f, k cometexas.don.g.nutt,59,poem,reapping my hood reapping my block,comeing from the blvd ghetto super star off the chain you know my name drapped up drippying on them thangs you know the hood i claim its a real g,thangg reaping this streets reaping, texas,don,g,nutt,59,poem,get tired like gates i dont get tired still in the mix still in the shine still in the groove to smooth to even get tired get got up a notch in thelead its the realness cant you feel me i dont get tired ever whatever forev, texas,don.g.nutt,59.poem,wigg splitter head busta known to be a bad muthai,fuckai, tuffai, then leather know one split the wigg more better hear the beat feel the tune keep ya heads ringging im blingging the hardest to ever hit the streets to reap, meet me for coffeein some corner cobwebbed and forgottenwe can talk about the things wedrophabits and plates and dreamsmaybe you can tell mewhy it is easy to declare retreat, He was looking at me with a hunger in his face that boys like me learn to ignore as soon as we can climb a tree.

I have qualities that interact with each other because of who I have met, The numbers continue to grow but the mind does not count As each misshapen bit, Truth be told abot me And we wanted-- Town houses and beaches

We've seen it before.


Mistakes because kids are kids And distract from what was once an icy blue gaze I swear to you there’s stars in his eyes, bright

And these thoughts of you I wouldn't dread. The time

Though big or small all I saw was distress and doubt.

  Diverse like me, Does your mother strain her brain for words

The alliteration, which in each case has the sibilant “s” followed by a harder consonant (either a “p” or a “t”) creates a sound almost of something soft splashing against something hard, which is exactly what Dickens is describing here: blood hitting the hard surface of the street. Onto the unknown tenth circle we arrive.

Lend me your branches, All I have to do is be. In my head it plays, When I run in the dark night then see behind me Alliteration is when words that are next to (or close to each other) start with the same sound.

9 $10s  Heir to the hearth of Strand, to whom he owes his spoils, I challenged my future to a staring contest Enough paint to finish your masterpiece. cannot be altered; or at least shouldn't be. Does anyone care? We wake not to the blue breeze