Just hope you don’t encounter a particularly vicious bacterium called vibrio, which attacks swimmers in the ocean or brackish water. The Texanist: Should I Let My Kids Splash Around in a Snake-Infested Swimming Hole? Sweeping Landscapes and Other Soothing Texas Videos to Assuage Your Election Day Anxiety, The Houston Roots of the Mastermind Behind the L.A. Dodgers’ World Series Win, likely acquired the microbe that causes leprosy from humans.

1 of 5 Albino Alligators now living at Colorado Gators. A little less than a third of bite victims go on to develop chronic Chagas disease, leading to an enlarged heart and other cardiac and intestinal problems, including an enlarged esophagus or colon, that make digestion difficult. In fact, there are four different species of gar in the state and many of the gar people observe in nature aren’t alligator gar at all, but one of the other, more common and widely distributed species like the longnose or spotted gar.

As if Texans needed another reason to panic in the aftermath of Hurricane Harvey, viral videos revealed giant flotillas of invasive fire ants, a species that adapted to survive frequent flooding in its native South America by forming giant, teeming mats of up to 100,000 venomous ants looking for a dry place to reestablish their cursed colonies. He is currently only 20 years old and about 65 pounds, but could live up to 150 years and get to to 250 pounds! If you fill out the first name, last name, or agree to terms fields, you will NOT be added to the newsletter list. We display them for the public to understand the dangers in owning these pets and we take them to schools for educational programs. Believe it or not, there are reports of them being found right here in southern Colorado. Enter your email below to send a password reset email. You also might start to feel dizzy, fatigued, or nauseated, or you could have diarrhea. Scott, Jason, Jay, and Brandton pose for a once in a lifetime photo as they move 4 new Albino Alligators into their new homes at Colorado Gators “Since it’s so rare, we don’t know why a few people get sick while millions who swim in natural bodies of water don’t.”. It’s often thought that alligator gar can be found in lakes and rivers throughout Texas, and that every gar you see is an alligator gar. In southwest Texas, they can be found in the middle and lower Rio Grande, including lakes Falcon and Amistad. They can retransmit it to humans who come into contact with them and are responsible for about one-third of leprosy cases in the U.S. each year, primarily in Texas and Louisiana. E-Newsletter Archive. What Does Texas’s Record Voter Turnout Mean for the Election Results? A Big Rat Snake Is Ssslithering Through San Antonio’s Sssewer Lines, How Beekeeper Erika Thompson Became the Queen Bee of Pastoral TikTok, Nine Fall Gardening Tips From a Texas Landscape Architect, Tour de Texas: I Just Biked Around the Entire State, Tour de Texas, Week 7: Tough Climbs and Spectacular Views in West Texas, Tour de Texas, Week 6: The Underrated Beauty of the Guadalupe Mountains, Where to Find Fall’s True Colors in Texas, Get Lost in the Woods at These Five Magical Texas Treehouses, Willie Nelson Singing ‘Under Pressure’ With Karen O Is the Duet We Didn’t Know We Needed in 2020, “It’s Going to Start a Civil War”: A Midland School Discards Its Confederate Name, How Jerry Jeff Walker Helped Put Jimmy Buffett on the Road to ‘Margaritaville’. Elsewhere, Texans looking out for coral snakes remind themselves that “red and yeller kill a feller.” They also watch out for the copperhead and the western diamondback rattlesnake, named for its distinctive diamond-patterned markings. Seniors ages 80 and over: FREE, Click here for a MAP or call us at (719) 378-2612 for directions. In East Texas, they’re found in Cypress Creek, the Sabine, Neches, Angelina and Trinity Rivers, and in mainstem reservoirs including Caddo, Sam Rayburn, Toledo Bend and Livingston. Along the Texas coast, alligator gar can be found in nearly every river system draining into the Gulf of Mexico, including the middle and lower Brazos, Nueces (including Lake Corpus Christi), Frio (including Choke Canyon Reservoir), San Antonio, and Guadalupe rivers. Illustration by Bolora Munkhbold; Alligator: apple2499/Getty, WikiCommons. Some remnant populations exist in off-channel reservoirs such as Richland Chambers where they were present prior to impoundment. 2010-11-19 00:59:17 2010-11-19 00:59:17.

Subscribe or link your existing subscription. Look for black widows around woodpiles and “outdoor toilets,” warns the Texas Department of State Health Services. But compared with many other snakes, the timber rattlesnake, also known as the canebrake rattler, is doubly deadly. Locations and Photos Coming Soon! It wasn’t until 1987 that they purchased 100 baby alligators to dispose of dead fish and the remains of filleted fish. It Makes No Sense.”. Those baby gators grew quickly in the warm geothermal water (87° F) and the locals wanted to see them, so we opened to the public in 1990. The bad news: the female black widow, which eats the male after mating with him, will seriously mess you up. Winter Hours (November 2 – February 25):  10 am- 4 pm  * CLOSED Thanksgiving Day and Christmas Day*, Spring Hours (February 26 – May27):  9 am -5 pm, Summer Hours (May 28 – September 5):  9 am – 6 pm, Fall Hours (September 6 – November 7):  9 am – 5 pm, Children ages 5 and under: FREE