I would think anything 9mm will sell/barter easily.

This all scam, owners are hiding ammo and guns to sell at high price tag. The buyer’s market conditions which I have talked about in so many prior newsletters that brought ammo prices to 12 year lows in 2018, 2019 and early 2020 have passed. Although the 9mm round is the most widely available handgun cartridge — or was — it probably led most of these first time gun buyers to invest in a 9mm handgun. I am a concealed permit holder (for over a decade) as well as a firearm enthusiast. Human’s that vote for the leftist politicians. Georg Luger developed 9MM ammo in 1902.

Besides COVID-19 and the rioting, Wagenhals noted another reason for the increase in guns and ammunition sales. Tap here to add The Western Journal to your home screen. You must know with 100% certainty whether a gun is loaded or unloaded. Whenever I go into walmart or any box store, I look.

I bought some soviet steel jacket 9mm (all there was) for $20 for 50. Both raw materials and the actual production of cartridges have ground to a halt.eval(ez_write_tag([[250,250],'everydaycarryconcealed_com-medrectangle-4','ezslot_4',114,'0','0'])); Remember my comments about politics earlier? Supply has been badly diminished, and bottlenecks in manufacturing and distribution will continue cause shortages for months yet to come. Any defensive ammo plus hardware is better than nothing at all. Primers in the United States, as of today, are virtually unobtainable. This site (EverydayCarryConcealed.com) is owned and operated by Graphite Designs LLC, a limited liability company headquartered in Virginia, USA. Can a Disintegrating America Come Together? You guessed it, law enforcement and military get priority when it comes ammo. Gone. Custom Union Designs on Request It can also keep both rifles and handguns shooting. So people went out and bought ventilators. Still had all the factory .45 ammo and reloading components to make more as I had yet to sell them. So who was it that bought thousands of pallets of .22 last time? To Contact Hardscrabble Farmer before supplies run out: China Just Launched this Attack on the USD, Alan Greenspan Warns of this U.S. Scheme to Confiscate Your Savings, The Little-Known (But Legal) IRS Tax Law to Move Your IRA or 401(k) to Gold, Wall Art to Perfectly Compliment Your My name is Mike and my goal is to provide you with all types of information for your everyday carry needs. A firearm (I like to call it a “Bullet Firing Device”, BFD for short) is not a toy and is designed to kill. If you have any helpful advice for others reading this, share your thoughts and ideas with our other readers. Sure, a .22 isn’t as powerful as gun chambered in 9mm or .223 Rem., but in a situation where antibiotics are hard to get and where it may be a five-mile hike to a hospital, .22 can still be a powerful deterrent. Interior or Exterior - All Year Round Blannelberry is the News Editor of GunsAmerica. It will be the main choke point for crushing the 2A.

Funny thing was… both guns I bought from Ohio from manufacturers from Florida (now Georgia). As far as reloading you do realize the 10 mm and 40 cal.

This is not an isolated case. edit–i didn’t realize admin had posted a thread about this–. All things considered, I believe we still have some decent deals in stock, admittedly not as good as they were, but not as bad as I expect them to become. The National Rifle Association’s news outlet, Shooting Illustrated, reports that the “current ammunition shortage may continue at least until 2021 — perhaps longer.”. Chances are you’ve noticed there’s an ammo shortage. Here in Sarasota there is no 9 mm ammo to be found. You won’t be able to scrounge it and probably not a huge number reloading it yet. !function(e,t,a,n,g){e[n]=e[n]||[],e[n].push({"gtm.start":(new Date).getTime(),event:"gtm.js"});var m=t.getElementsByTagName(a)[0],r=t.createElement(a);r.async=!0,r.src="https://www.googletagmanager.com/gtm.js?id=GTM-PL4PD49",m.parentNode.insertBefore(r,m)}(window.parent,window.parent.document,"script","dataLayer");

I already found out the hard way over 50 years ago that anybody can be ambushed by anyone…anytime, but that’s a two way L. Off to the Re-OPEN North Carolina protest tomorrow at the Governor’s mansion…should be interesting. I can understand that some are reluctant to interfere with people who are keen on buying something they are incapable of using. Can’t find one of these in town. With people such as this at the top of the Democrat Party, is it any wonder that guns and ammo are selling out so fast?

Nope, lead. For the reasons we said above, forget just being able to use it, during an ammo shortage, large quantities of ammo could work just as well as currency. Plain Jane 9mm is up a good 25%. When the governor of Oklahoma declared a state of emergency due to the pandemic, one of the things included was an anti-price gouging section.

Your email address will not be published. But for now… ride it! So that was weird. There are going to be some very desperate and unrestrained people roaming around soon. wti(west texas intermediate) collapsed to (negative)-$37 today– I hoped it would not be in my lifetime but unfortunately it has.

No sales mean they go out of business. There were some bang-up (pun intended) deals on black Friday. Duh. So stock up when ammo prices are low. But guns last much longer than ammunition, and even anti-gunners know that a gun without bullets is a glorified paper weight. There are plenty of choices out there with 9mm being one of the most prolific. Not really a G&A fan, but this is apparently what’s happening.

Be advised that you will pay a premium for these rounds, as shooting ranges are well aware of the ammo shortage. Prepping is essential. by Mike V. | Firearm Care and Maintenance, Legislation and Politics.

Generally, ranges will have some ammunition. I went on Federal’s website and they have only hollow point rounds 20 ct for $30-$40. Most firearms dealers are short of most calibers of ammo in my area.